Citation Bars

National Duty Supply INC has started offering a fine selection of citation bars. Citation bars are also known as commendation bars, merit bars, award bars or service bars.

Police Uniform Citation bars are a similar concept to the military ribbon that you often see on military members dress uniforms. Citation bars can tell the story of a law enforcement officer’s career. Police uniform citation bars can be awarded for many different things such as bravery, lifesaving acts, interagency cooperation, training accomplishments, special units, special skills, years of service, leadership positions or many other reasons worthy of a special recognition.

There is no set standard as to the design or placement of an award bar and it varies from agency to agency. Citation bars are normally worn above a police officer’s badge and name plate. There are some standard designs largely recognized throughout the public service community such as the American Flag Citation Bar, The Thin Blue Line Citation Bar and Tactical Unit Citation Bar for example.

There are other award bars created for special interagency cooperation such as the American and Canadian Interagency Cooperation Citation Bar.

The wearing of Merit Bars is largely an American tradition but it is growing in popularity and there are now Canadian Merit bars available that features the Canadian Flag.

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