Magnetic Subdued American Flag Blue Line Citation Bar

National Duty Supply

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Product Overview

Here is a totally new concept.  A Subdued Flag Citation bar held securely with a strong magnet.  No more holes in your uniform shirt.  Held on with three powerful magnets behind your shirt.  Never worry about alignment and pins poking you when the clasp falls off. You'll be proud to wear this Subdued Flag Citation Bar!!  It was carefully designed and crafted to be of the highest quality.  The picture does not do this piece justice!.  Made of imitation hard enamel means it is smooth and polished.  This citation bar, also known as a merit bar, award bar, certification bar or commendation bar, has a magnetic attachment so your uniform doesn't get damaged. It just might be the best looking bar you've seen anywhere!!  Get one for yourself and all of your fellow Officers.

  • Imitation Hard Enamel
  • Magnetic Fastener
  • Antique Nickel Plating
  • 1 7/8" X 3/8"