Known Agency Cutouts

Below is a quick reference chart for some known badge cutouts.  This information is kept as current as possible but not guaranteed as agencies change their badges and it's impossible to know every agency's badge design.  

You can use the links provided to get a printable outline of the particular cutout.  Check your badge against the outline to see if it fits.

If your agency isn't listed, you can use the badge cutout guide to assist in locating the correct cutout for your badge.  

If you need help finding your cutout, you can use our contact us form to ask for assistance in finding the correct cutout for your badge.  


Agency  Cutout Number

 Link to Printable Cutout Template

Illinois Corrections PF215
AK State Trooper PF814
Alabama Corrections PF958
Alabama State Trooper Retired PF370
Alberta Sheriff PF747
Alexandria VA PF918
Amtrak Police PF710
Arizona Corrections PF382
Arizona DPS DK848
Army CID  PF1100
ATF  Special Agent  DK795
Atlanta Detective PF375
Atlanta police Patrolman PF218
Atlanta SGT and higher PF16
Austin TX PF603
Arizona Corrections PF382
Baltimore Police  PF 135
Boston Police Department PF19
Brandon Police PF959
British Columbia Corrections PF1269
British Columbia Sheriff PF1065
Calgary Police  PF276
California Corrections  PF215
California Fish and Game Warden PF986
California Highway Patrol (Flat Badge) PF285
California Highway Patrol (Issued Breast Badge) PF262
Canada Border Services Agency PF743
Canada Corrections PF784
CBP Officer PF587
Chicago Police PF480
Cincinnati Police DK128
Citizenship and Immigration Services PF851
Cleveland Police PF52
Coast Guard Police 3 Inch PF1308
Colchester VT Police SGT PF244
Colorado State Patrol PF340
Columbus Ohio PF 238
Connecticut Corrections PF189
Connecticut State Police PF149
Cook County Sheriff PF815
Dallas Police PF109
Dayton Ohio Police Pf432
DEA Special Agent PF219
Defense Intelligence Agency PF1401
Denver Police PF1405
Department of Labor Wage Hour Division PF718
Dept of Labor OIG DK761
Detroit Police PF1177
Diplomatic Security Service PF1089
Dodge County Wisconsin Sheriff PF21
Douglas County Sheriff NV.  New Badges DK803
Du Page County IL Sheriff B19 PF89
Edmonton Police PF875
Escambia County Jail Badge.  Florida DK216
FBI Special Agent PF39
FDA Criminal investigator badge.  DK795
FDNY Firefighter PF435
Federal Reserve Police Officer PF240
Florida Corrections New Large Badge PF189
Florida Corrections Small Badge PF155
Florida Highway Patrol PF202
Florida Investigator Wreath badge PF517
Florida Sheriff 5 Point Star PF185
Florida Star Small Badge PF138M
Fort Worth Fire Dept PF297
Frederick County MD Correctional Officer PF540
FT. Worth Police PF108
Gaithersburg MD PD PF481
Georgia Corrections PF 233
Georgia State Patrol DK37
Government Publishing Office Police PF1038
Grand Forks County Sheriff no banner PF34
Grand Forks County Sheriff with banner PF972
Harris County Texas Sheriff Large Uniform Badge PF411
Harris County Texas Sheriff Small (wallet badge) PF414
Harrison County WV Sheriff PF13
Honolulu Police PF338
Houston Police Officer PF49
Houston Police SGT PF70
ICE / HSI Raid Badge 3 Inch  PF1308 or PF660
ICE / HSI Wallet Badge  2.5 Inch Amtrak Police PF710
Illinois State Police PF46
Iowa Sheriff PF33
IRS Agent PF677
IRS Agent Large Badge PF1419 Cutout Outline Not Available
Johnson County Missouri PF574
Johnson County Wyoming Sheriff PF30
Kansas City MO PD PF499
Kentucky Corrections PF248
Kentucky Sheriffs Association PF507
Kern County Sheriffs Dept PF562
LA County Coroner Entenmann Rovin 1087 PF949
LA County Fire Department PF366
LA County Sheriff PF622
Laredo Police New Badge 5/11/21 PF1499 Cutout Outline Not Available
Las Vegas Patrol Officers PF382
Manassas Police Badge PF240
Maryland Dept of Corrections PF167
Maryland State Police National Capital Park Police PF186
Massachusetts Corrections PF173
Massachusetts State Police PF 173
Memphis Police Officer PF205
Memphis Sergeant PF944
Miami Dade County Sheriff PF206
Miami Florida Metro PD PF400
Miami Florida police PF200
Michigan State Police PF372
Michigan State Police Smith Warren S60 PF212
Milwaukee Police PF 123
Milwaukee Police Detective PF776
Montgomery MD County Police PF481
Montreal Police PF1420
National Security Agency Police PF1038
NCIS Special Agent PF1192
Nebraska State Patrol PF139
New Jersey State Police Retired Badge PF451
Newark Police PF49
Newburgh NY Police PF401
NJ Corrections Higher Ranks Badge PF1303
NJ Corrections Officer Badge PF1302
NJ State Police PF413
North Carolina Corrections PF168
NY Environmental Conservation Officer  PF578
NY NJ Port Authority Officer PF145
NY State Corrections full size PF27
NY State Corrections Retired Badge PF376
NY State Troopers PF26
NY State Troopers retired Badge PF1029
NYPD Captain / Deputy Inspector PF64
NYPD Detective PF225
NYPD Inspector / Chief PF328
NYPD Officer Badge PF145
NYPD Sergeant PF287
Oakland County Michigan sheriff PF227
Ohio Sheriff (used by many Ohio Sheriff Depts) PF34
Ohio Sheriff with Top banner S261 PF972
Oklahoma City police  PF70
Oklahoma Hwy Patrol PF409
Orange County FL Corrections PF574
Orleans county sheriff NY PF33
Pennsylvania Corrections PF348
Pennsylvania State Police PF348
Pentagon Force Protection Agency PF836
Philadelphia Detective PF39
Philadelphia Police Officer PF205
Philadelphia SGT PF40
Phoenix Patrol officer PF531
Phoenix SGT and up PF140
Pittsburgh Police PF65
Port Authority NY NJ detective Lieutenant PF336
Portland OR Police DK851
Postal Police PF1346
Prince William County Police Maryland PF16
RCMP Badge PF351
RCMP Crest PF780
Riverside County CA Sheriff  PF199
San Antonio Police PF1059
San Bernardino County Sheriff PF382
San Diego County Sheriff  PF33
San Francisco County Sheriff PF382
San Francisco Police PF382
Seattle Police PF184
Secret Service Uniform Division large 2.75 X 2.5 PF255
Secret Service Uniform Division small 2" X 1 7/8" DK738
St Louis Detective PF321
ST. LOUIS Police PF106
Tampa Police PF208
Texas Game Warden PF29
Texas Ranger PF390
Toledo Ohio PF 85
Toronto Fire Department PF963
Toronto Police Service (Canada) PF645
Toronto Police Service Detective.  Snap back.  PF690
TSA Officer Credentialed   2.5" badge PF773
TSA Officer Full Size PF691
Tulsa Oklahoma Police Large Badge PF285
Tulsa Oklahoma Police wallet badge PF172
U S Army Military Police DK464
U S Capital Police PF1217
U S Marshal PF281
U S Park Police PF319
U S Secret Service Special Agent DK802
U. S. Department of Labor - Wage Hour Division PF718
US Border Patrol PF587
US Courts Probation and Pretrial PF375
Vermont State Police PF797
Veterans Affairs POLICE  PF1038
Washington DC Metro PF37
Washington DC Metro SGT and up PF58
Wayne County Michigan Sheriff PF199
Williamson County IL Sheriff Auxiliary PF972
Winnipeg Police PF1110
York Regional Police (Canada) PF1175
Zionsville IN PD.  New smith and warren Boston style badge.  PF1466 Cutout Outline Not Available