Q: What is RFID Protection?

A: In a nutshell, RFID protection blocks RFID signals from your credit cards and IDs from being stolen.  More information is here

Q: What does Thick Cut or Double Thick Cut mean?

A: Thick cut means the panel that has the badge cutout in it is made of a thicker piece of leather which allows the badge to sit down into the recessed area a little further.  Double Thick Cut applies to belt badge holders and means the cutout is made with two pieces of leather stacked on top of each other.  This allows the badge sit further into the cutout and helps keep the face of the badge from sticking out above the top of the badge holder. See examples on the product options page.  

Q: What is this processing / manufacturing time that I see on the item page for some products?

A: We offer thousands of styles of wallets and other leather products from our main manufacturer in Corinna, ME.  Each item is hand made by a skilled craftsman.  It is impossible to stock every combination of every item available.  To offer the best possible prices and lowest shipping rates, we keep a limited stock of the most popular items at our New Hampshire location and restock every week.  If you don't mind waiting for your quality item to be manufactured you can save some money.  If you need (want) the item quickly,  selecting the 5-7 business day production option for a small fee enables us to have your order put in priority production and shipped within 5-7 business days. (usually 5 or less but sometimes up to 7).  Otherwise, when selecting STANDARD processing / manufacturing time, the item will take approximately 3 weeks to manufacture before it is shipped to you. 

Q: Are your items always in stock?  

A: We strive to maintain an adequate supply of our items.  On occasion we do run out but try to restock quickly.  We have an endless supply of Perfect Fit branded leather and accessories.  It is impossible to keep every color and style combination on hand.  However, Perfect Fit items are manufactured in Corinna, ME and we can either dropship the item or get it for you in about 3 weeks.

Q: My agency is tax exempt.  How do I buy items without being charged taxes?

A:  We are glad to work with your agency to exclude taxes from your purchase.  Please follow the procedures here.

Q: Do you wholesale?

A: We do not offer wholesale pricing at this time. However, many items do have quantity discounts associated with them. 

Q: Our agency would like to have a custom item made, do you make custom items?

A: We'd be glad to help!  Though we do not advertise custom items and do not specialize in that area we have done many custom items over the years. We have done coins, pins, money clips and key rings for many agencies such as Federal Reserve, Customs and Border Protection, California Corrections, Securities and Exchange Commission and many city and state agencies.  Please contact us for information.