TSA Patch Retractable Badge Reel ID Holder


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Product Overview

Key-Bak is the ONLY USA made badge retractor!!  The Round MINI-BAK with ID badge holder is great for keeping ID badges handy and ready for everyday use. The MINI-BAK is tested to over 1-Million pulls and is the standard of excellence in small retractable reels.  Equipped with a 36" nylon chord and a retraction force of 2 oz. this badge reel can easily carry up to 3 ID badges.  This item is also backed by Key-Bak's lifetime service policy. 

The quality badge reel requires a quality emblem and that is what you get with a the new TSA patch logo attached.  It is made of metal with hard enamel colors.  With solid construction and quality emblem, you'll have the best badge reel around. 

  • Available with alligator clip or slide clip attachment.
  • Key-Bak Brand USA made reel
  • High Quality enameled metal emblem
  • Polycarbonate Case
  • Approx 1 1/4" Diameter
  • Approx 36" cord allows for comfortable scanning or swiping of your ID
  • Instantly returns to secure position after release
  • Internal mechanism contains a high quality spring
  • Steel clip or alligator clasp on the back secures it to your belt, clothing, or lanyard
  • Fits perfectly on shoulder epaulets
  • Clear plastic card holder with a snap closure
  • Can be used to hold your ID badge, key card, key chain, key ring, security card, employee or military ID, scissors, computer flash memory, and other small tools and personal items