Thin Blue Line Double Hook Lanyard Neck Chain Replacement Safety Snap

National Duty Supply

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Product Overview

Finally, the neck badge hanger has been recreated!!  No more ugly metal chain, no more green discoloration on your skin from the chain.  The double hook lanyard has been shortened so your badge displays on your chest where it is visible and not your belly button!!    This Thin Blue Line polyester lanyard has double swivel thumb hooks and split key rings.  Fits easily in the holes on your neck badge hanger.  Fully reversable with a safety snap in case you get into a rough situation with a suspect.  

  • Great Thin Blue Line Graphics
  • Heat Transfer Graphic
  • Reversible
  • 2 Swivel Thumb Hooks with Split Key rings
  • Safety Release on Neck
  • 13 Inches in Length
  • 27 Inches in Circumference