EMS Emergency Medical Services Star of Life Challenge Coin

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Product Overview

This a high quality EMS Emergency Medical Services Star of Life Challenge Coin. The front has a Star of Life. The words "First Response" signify what all Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics are the first responders to an emergency. The back side has the traits of an EMS worker along with symbols of the tools used by them.

The blue six starred cross was adapted to become the universal symbol representing all of the Emergency Response Services. As we know it, The Star of Life, portrays the detection, reporting, response, on scene care, healing, care in transit, and transfer to definitive care that goes along with the job of EMS workers. These first responders are trained and ready to arrive to the scene of an accident or at your home to save your loved ones in an emergency. Today, you can own a collector’s EMS Star of Life Challenge Coin to support and display your pride and appreciation for the work Emergency Medical Services provide to our communities. This is a great piece and fantastic gift for police officers, fire fighters, family members of EMS service workers, healthcare professionals, and collectors.

Features Include:

  • Dye struck with a shiny Nickel finish
  • 3D image of the Star of Life on the front
  • 3D images of EMS tools on the back
  • Diamond cut petal edge
  • Comes in a soft plastic pouch
  • 1.75" in diameter

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