Jay-Pee 1.75" Top Grain White Leather Ceremonial Garrison Belt


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Product Overview

This Jay-Pee 1.75" white leather ceremonial belt is made of top grain 8-9 oz leather.

This belt is manufactured by Jay-Pee in Corinna, ME

  • 1.75" width
  • 8-9 OZ Top Grain Leather
  • Solid Brass Buckle
  • White Leather
  • Choice of Black, Brass, or Chrome Buckle Color
  • Changeable Buckle

Jay-Pee belts are measured from the fold over on the buckle to the center hole on the belt. They use 5 holes to make the belt adjustable. When ordering a replacement belt, measure your belt from the fold over to the hole you use most and order that size belt.

Here is a handy guide for proper measuring

Waist Size Order Belt Size
25-26 28
27-28 30
29-30 32
31-32 34
33-34 36
35-36 38
37-38 40
39-40 42
41-42 44
43-44 46
45-46 48
47-48 50
49-50 52
51-52 54
53-54 56
55-56 58
57-58 60

DO NOT buy a belt that is your waist size OR your pants size!!!

For the best belt buying experience, you can do two things to get an accurate measurement.

1. Use an Existing Belt

Go get a belt that fits well

  • Generally, a belt fits you well when you can easily buckle it using the middle hole in the belt
  • If you have to use the first hole, you'll have a lot of extra at the end of the belt
  • If you're using the holes at the end, the belt is a little too small and the end of the belt might not make it all the way to the belt loop on your pants.

Spread the belt out flat

  • Put the belt on a flat surface like a table or on the floor. Lay it down so that the belt is completely flat and doesn’t have any bumps sticking out
  • Make sure the belt is fully extended and doesn’t have any slack
  • If the belt doesn’t want to stay flat (because of overuse, for example), you can place a heavy object on both ends of the belt to keep it stationary

Measure the belt

  • Grab a retractable measuring tape or a fabric measuring tape
  • Measure from the base of the buckle prong to the center hole
  • If you don’t use the center hole, measure from the base of the buckle prong to the hole you use the most
  • This number will probably range between 30 inches (76.2 cm) and 60 inches (152.4 cm), depending on your waist size
  • If between sizes, round UP

2. Actually Measure Yourself

Got get a fabric measuring tape

  • Fabric measuring tapes have the most flexibility and work best

Put on a pair of well fitting pants

  • Make sure your pants fit snugly
  • If your pants are too loose, the extra material will cause inaccurate measurement and belt that is too big
  • If your pants are too tight, your belt will be too small

Get Measured

  • Have someone help you
  • Stand normally and breath normally
  • Put the measuring tape around yourself where you the belt would set on your pants
  • Note the number in inches where tape measure end meets
  • If between sizes, round UP

Belt buying Tips

  • Do not buy a belt that is your waist size (go at least 4 inches larger)
  • Do not buy a belt that is your pants size (go at least 2 inches larger)
  • Do not buy a belt the same size that is labeled on your current belt (different manufacturers use different measuring methods)
  • Do not assume you know your size already (you have probably eaten more twinkies than you realize)
  • Do measure yourself
  • Do follow the sizing information above
  • Do measure yourself
  • Do measure yourself