Garland Pen #1 Universal Twist Medium Point Refill - Blue or Black

Garland Pen

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Product Overview

Do not let your favorite pen, or lucky pen, run out of ink. Garland refills are the preferred quality ink replacements for your pen. We offer blue and black medium point selections.

This product will provide you with the optimal fit and performance for your pen. The Garland Pen Universal Twist Refill is designed to fit all Garland Twist Pens that were manufactured after January 1, 1982. Check your current office pens to make sure the ink cartridge has the words “1# Universal” printed on them to assure optimal fit. We cannot guarantee this product will fit in a non-Garland Pen.

For Pens with #140 on the refill, your pen will have to be sent to Garland for replacement of the mechanism to take a #1 Universal Twist Refill.

This refill is not for roller ball pens. it ONLY works with twist type pens.