911 Rescue Tool Corrections Cut Down Knife Seat Belt Cutter


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Product Overview

The 911 Rescue Tool has a specially designed blade for safe and fast cutting. It is approved by many corrections facilities as it is very safe and effective in enabling quick release in hanging attempts. It is also used by first responders as it can cut through clothing and other fibrous materials quickly and effectively. The hook allows you to cut through material without risk of injuring or damaging whatever is under it. The special curve makes it impossible to be used as weapon so it would be safe in any environment where safety is a must.

  • Stainless Steel Blade & Mechanism
  • Contoured black handle for secure grip with gloves or wet conditions
  • Ultra Secure Blade Locking Mechanism
  • Handles can be removed with screwdriver for cleaning and maintenance
  • Ideal for EMTs, Police, Corrections and First Responders
  • Easily cuts ropes, cords, webbing, seat belts, plasticuffs, rigging, fishing nets, etc
  • Non- lethal - no stabbing, slashing or open cutting surface
  • Closed size 4 1/4"
  • Open size 6 3/4"

Leather Case Available as an add-on