DHS Federal Agencies Double ID Credetial Case with Credit Card Slots

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Product Overview

For those that do not have an issued badge but want to carry all your items in one place, here is a finely crafted credential and ID case made specifically for DHS Credentials.  It is the thinnest possible.  Made of genuine leather this credential and ID case is easy to carry with plenty of room for all your essentials- creds, PIV card, drivers license, credit cards and some cash.  
Maximum ID Size 2 3/4" X 4 5/8”
Closed Size 3 1/2” X 5 1/8"
4 Credit Card Slots
2 Clear Vinyl Small Windows for Driver License and PIV Card 
2 Vinyl Large Windows for Two Part Federal Credentials.
High Quality Leather
Vinyl Window for Picture ID
Quality Genuine Leather
Designed to fit

Many Agencies carry a two part credential 2 3/4" X 4 5/8"  Such as:
Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
Transportation Security Transportation (TSA)
Bureau of Prisons (BOP)
U. S. Border Patrol (USBP)
and many others.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review