TPK Police Tactical Pocket Klipboard with 100 Pack Field Investigation Cards


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Product Overview

The Tactical Pocket Klipboard comes bundled with a pack of 100 Field Investigation Cards. 

Are you tired of caring a pocket full of paper or spiral notebook? The Tactical Pocket Klipboard (TPK) is the answer to organizing your life in the field. When you encounter a subject and need to take down their information, the last thing you want to be doing is searching your pockets for a clean piece of paper. That is where the TPK can help you. 

The TPK can hold up to fifteen 3x5 index cards or Field Interrogation (FI) cards neatly all the while providing you with a sturdy surface to write on. It also has a pressure clip along the top and bottom to hold your contact’s identification conveniently. 

The back of the TPK has a designated space for your commission card so you know exactly where it is when you need it. The Tactical Pocket Klipboard fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and uniform pocket providing you organization and convenience together. 

DITCH THE SPIRAL BOUND - Trying to hold ID’s, a light, and take down information is a three-handed job. It’s time for a smarter solution: the Tactical Pocket Kilpboard.  

UNIQUE DESIGN - TPK aims to be as utilitarian as the rest of your tactical gear. It holds 15 FI or Index Cards at once, while fitting in your uniform shirt or outer vest carrier pockets. The cards are held in place by either an elastic band or binder clip, for ease of use or portability. ID’s and other cards can be held for full viewing along the edge of the Klipboard. This patent pending design is a game-changer for LEO and other public safety officials.  

MAKES THE JOB EASIER - Organizing your life on the streets is a challenge. No officer should be fishing around in their pockets for their notebook only to flip through the pages and take a profile down, all while keeping a watchful eye on the situation. Hold your Field Interrogation cards in place, ID’s, and commission card all in one convenient location, removing friction from doing your job effectively.  

ERGONOMIC - The TPK is the perfect size for your gear, your hand, and your pocket. Developed by LEO, for LEO, but useful for so much more.  

MADE IN THE USA - Designed and developed by Webster Innovations, which aims to reimagine how police do Tac Gear. Through the use of brilliant engineering, field testing, advanced thermoplastics manufacturing, and tight quality control, TacticalKlips are making police safer and more effective. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without these clever inventions.